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Following several unexplained incidents during childhood and a Near Death Experience in 1991, I have been actively pursuing my own spiritual pathway.

In 1994, I began teaching others to do the same.

My information and guidance comes from clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), psychometry (touching) and Mediumship.

I enjoy the challenge of working with Spirits, Guides and Angels and am constantly learning new ways to communicate, heal and grow on all levels.

It is with their permission that I now share that information and knowledge with others.

Through positive energy and white light, I reach out to all those seeking to fulfill their own potential and realize their own dreams of becoming all that they can be.


My philosophy is to:

•  Keep Things Simple

•  Ask Questions

•  Experience For Yourself



Current Classes Available

(Subject to change)

Class Day                               Time                                     Activity                                                       Location


Tuesday Night                         7:00pm-8:30pm                    Spiritual / Psychic Development                   Thornton NSW


Wednesday Night                    7:30pm-9:00pm                    Spiritual / Psychic Development                   Thornton NSW


Is about one woman's personal journey through the intricate maze of self-awareness and spiritual development. It is written to give hope and encouragement to all those seeking to consciously embark on their own journey of enlightenment.
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If I Can Do It

Is a novel set in the Wild  West  and tells the story of one of my past lives, which I have recalled in detail.

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Indigo Ridge

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